An Alternative to Throwing Away Your Sofa When It’s Worn Down

Written by: The Foam Factory

Homeowners tend to throw out their old sofas and miss out on an easy and cheap way to fix it.

cushion-replacementThe cushion filling in your old sofa is starting to get worn down, lose it’s plumpness, and just doesn’t feel like it did back when you first got it. So, this means that it’s time to get a new couch right?


Instead of spending hundreds, possibly even thousands, of dollars on a new sofa, consider that you can just purchase new cushion filling for a fraction of the price. It’s easy to do and will help bring that much-needed comfort back into your life. It’s a cost-efficient alternative that many homeowners are now turning to.

Find the Right Type of Foam that Meets Your Preference

Now, in order to start your cushion replacement, take a look at what type of foam products you are interested in. Remember, there are different types of foam that provide different benefits. Pick one that fits your comfort and personal preference the best.

Measure Your Cushions

This is a crucial step as the wrong measurements will force you to cut it down to the correct size. Take accurate measurements of the length, width, and depth. Once you have these measurements, take them to a foam manufacturer that either sells foam products or can create custom cushions for you.

Replacing Your Cushions

After obtaining your sofa foam replacement products, simply place them back into the covers that held your previous cushions and let the nostalgia begin. Now, before swapping out your old cushions with your new one, be sure that you clean out the cushion covers, as it could have stains and bacteria built-up from all those years of usage. Just toss it in the wash, if it’s of washable fabric, and let them air-dry. Putting it in the dryer will only shrink them.