Three important considerations before you buy a new mailbox

Like many others, the mailbox is an extension of your home. It says a lot about your home, your sense of style, and how you maintain your house. Many consider it a trivial necessity, without realizing that it matters to the appearance of your home. Is your mailbox old, rusty, or out of touch with your home? Then its time for a change. Here are some important points to take into consideration before you get a new mailbox:


The simple rule when it comes to mailbox styling is to match the style of your home and then the rest of the neighborhood. When those two conflict, just match your home. You may not realize it, but homes follow some style conventions, like Tudor, modern, Victorian, etc. Find out which one matches your home and then look for appropriate mailboxes.


If you have a large family or receive a lot of mail, then get a larger mailbox. Do you get a lot of packages without anyone at home? Then again a locked large mailbox is the way to go. Vacation homes, small families, limited mail volume, can all live with small mailboxes.


Last but not least, make sure that the mailbox is appropriate for the weather in your area. The mailbox will need to handle the complete range of temperatures and climates while protecting your mail.

Article by California Mailboxes. Choose from a vast selection and styles of mailboxes including some beautiful Victorian mailboxes.