The basics of mattress construction – The upholstery

foamfactory11Written by The Foam Factory

Buying the right mattress does not mean buying the most expensive. There is no need for multiple layers of support and hundreds of springs. The right mattress foam should be well constructed and provide gradual support. This means that there needs to be a balance between the upholstery layers and the springs. Here is a breakdown of the three main layers of upholstery: The support layer, the bridging layer, and the comfort layer.

The support layer

This is the layer between the springs and the other layers.  This is also known as the insulating layer and basically, acts as the separator. There are various types of materials used in this layer. Lower cost mattresses use Polypads, Saturn pads, and other recycled materials. While higher-end mattress uses bonded cotton or wool.

The bridging layer

This is the hardest layer to get right. It needs to have a balance. It cannot be firmer than the layer beneath and it cannot be softer than the layer above. It needs to follow what is known as the Goldilocks theory.

The comfort layer

This is the easiest of the layers to complete. It is the softest layer so this is meant for comfort. It is the layer that provides the initial cushioning right before the lower layers and springs kick in.

These three layers form the bulk of the cushioning in a foam mattress. Getting the right mattress will involve finding one that balances these three layers correctly.


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