The Basics of Polyurethane Foam

polyurathane-foamPolyurethane foam in Canada is an inexpensive foam option. It is the least expensive type of foam that is used for mattresses. It is the type of foam often found in couch or patio cushions, and used for mattress toppers. It is also increasingly used for the construction of mattress springs. By understanding the characteristics of polyurethane foam, you can determine whether it’s a good idea to use it in your next project.

Composition Of Polyurethane

Flexible polyurethane foam is made out of compounds that come from petrochemicals. The foam comes from polyol and an isocyanate with water. While petrochemicals are hazardous when they are in an unreacted state, they are not a threat when they are fully reacted. Then they become inert and are not dangerous. To make sure that the foam is safe and does not have volatile organic compounds.

Fiber And Foam

Foam is often combined with fiber. The fiber is applied over the foam. The fiber allows for the foam to feel much softer. However, it is also possible to create this soft feeling by simply using multiple layers of foam.

Other materials that polyurethane foam is used for include:

  • Bedding
  • Packaging
  • Textiles
  • Fibers
  • Insulation
  • Custom cushions

Because of the usefulness of polyurethane, it is a good idea to contact a supplier who specializes in this product if you are creating a craft that requires the qualities found in polyurethane foam.

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