Four reasons to hire a construction claims consultant

Construction claims often occur when a construction project is being completed as contractors request more time or money that vary from their contract terms. As contracts claims can be complicated, enlisting the help of a qualified claims consultant can help the construction company make the right decisions and help resolve a dispute fast.

Experience in handling different claims – Since construction claims can arise in all areas of construction; extensive experience is useful to project costs, damages, delays, etc.

Understanding technical jargon – Lawyers often will write documents using legal jargon that can be difficult to understand. Following a legal document incorrectly can be detrimental to a case and can cost the company a lot of time and money. Construction consulting services will help companies understand legal documents and guide executives in the right direction.

Able to take the right course of action – The course of action that the company should take, will vary according to the structure claim. Therefore, conducting a detailed analysis of a case is vital to making the right recommendations and saving time and money. Lyle Charles Consulting suggests choosing a consultant based on their projects and their prior cases.

Up-to-date on changing standards – Actions vary according to the standards in the industry, and therefore effective consultants should be up-to-date with changing industry standards.