General upholstery care

Dust and dirt can cause fabrics to deteriorate. Therefore it is always best to take care of your fabrics to ensure that they last longer. Here are some simple tips from Wicker Paradise that will keep your fabrics looking new for a lot longer.

Always vacuum your upholstery to remove dust and dirt. If you have cushions, vacuum your cushions and then flip and fluff them regularly to maintain shape.

If you have tight cushions, they will often wrinkle and stretch over time. To maintain their appearance, look at smoothing the surface and tucking the insides of the seat or back.

To minimize fading, do not place upholstorsterd furniture in direct sunlight as dark fabrics that are made with natural fibers like cotton will lighten over time.

Consider an annual professional cleaning that is gentle during the hot summer months, to ensure that your fabrics can dry quickly and thoroughly.

Avoid dry cleaning or machine washing cushions as it can damage your fabric, backing, and stitching. Instead, if you have persistent stains contact a professional or look at buying a stain remover that is suitable for the materials you have.

For spot cleaning small stains, it is essential to clean them as and when they happen. Look at a mild, effective stain remover that is safe on all fabrics. Blot stains with a clean, dry, white cloth and work from the edge to the center. If you have wicker replacement cushions remove your cushions before attempting to blot your stain.