Tips for buying a boat mattress replacement

Written by The Foam Factory

There are many options when it comes to choosing and buying a boat mattress replacement. However, with a few simple bits of information you can make an educated decision yourself. The decision is based on a set of trade-offs to achieve the ideal comfort levels for sitting and sleeping.

The first consideration is the thickness of the mattress. As a rule, get a mattress as thick as possible for the location. Since space is limited, so is the height of the mattress. The thicker the foam, the more comfortable the seating will be. For example, the same mattress at two different thickness will feel very different. Remember to take the height of the surface from the ground into account when deciding on the height.

When looking at the mattress itself, look to invest in two separate layers made up from two different types of foam. This way, when the mattress bears the full load, there will be more comfort for the occupants. The top layer should be softer and the lower layer should be harder to prevent the person from feeling the underlying wooden base.

The same goes for yacht cushions, where occupants will sit in such a way that their body weight is concentrated in a particular spot. This is why sometimes these mattresses consist primarily of firm foam to give a little more support when sitting versus sleeping.


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