Wicker furniture trends in 2017

Wicker furniture is trendy now, for both indoor and outdoor use. Rattan is replacing wrought-iron on the patio and even traditional couch sofas. Wicker furniture lends itself to unusual uses and that is one of the key drivers its popularity. Here are some of the trends in rattan furniture according to Wicker Paradise:


Don’t limit yourself to replacing specific sets of furniture. You don’t need to replace your entire living room furniture set. You can choose one or more for replacement. There are options for almost everything you have in the house. You get tables, bar carts, ottomans, chairs, stools, and much more. Find what matches your vision and don’t be afraid to mix and match.


Wicker furniture has a very comfortable and airy feel. However, when you have a lot, it can start to look the same. The good news is that you can just paint the pieces you want and add some color to your room. People are painting statement pieces with bright colors to add contrast and warmth.


Another trend is to buy wicker furniture with unusual shapes. Much like the trend in mixing and matching, here customers are mixing different types of wicker furniture. Some mix vintage and modern wicker in the same space.


More and more people are using outdoor wicker furniture indoors. Wicker designs are intricate and can look good anywhere. The most popular trend is to bring an outdoor chic to the living room. Another common trend in outdoor furniture is to fix a swing indoors.